[GeNo]'s Official Testers

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[GeNo]'s Official Testers

Post by Spirit on Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:51 pm

The following GeNo members listed below are official testers. Please contact one of them either on PB2 or on Discord to set up a 1v1.

Members! If you would like to be a Tester, please click here.

1.) Tester: Damnation [Active]

Area of Expertise: Rails, Sniper

2.) Tester: Ty Q [Active]

Area of Expertise: Rails, Sniper, Rays

3.) Tester: Crystal Gemstone [Active]

Area of Expertise: Sniper, Rails

4.) Tester: Kayd21 [Active]

Area of Expertise: Rails, Sniper

5.) Tester: Tugz [Inactive]

Area of Expertise: Rails, Sniper

6.) Tester: Sniper J [Inactive]

Area of Expertise: Arena, Sniper, Rays

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