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Voided Izuna #4

Post by Izuna on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:06 pm

1. PB2 Profile Link:
but point blank 2 dosnt exist yet

2. Do you have any alternate accounts (accounts that you own or use, apart from the account you are applying with)? If yes, please state the usernames with their respective profile links:
dude point blank 2 doesnt exist stop

3. How long have you played PB2?:
wtf why you do this

4. Kills Count:

5. Deaths Count:

stop ur scarin me i dont kill, y tellme to kill myself

6. Are you currently in a clan?
yes its called jeno the leader is xburn, but he prefers xburger

7a. What clans have you been in before?
my house

7b. Why did you join those clans?
i born here

7c. [Optional] Do you have an approximate date about when you joined, and when you left these clans?
why u ask for my age wtf creep

8. How did you find the forums?
ice cream told me to find caramel and chocolate


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Voided Re: Izuna #4

Post by Vesper on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:06 pm


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