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Voided Izuna #3

Post by Izuna<br> on Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:36 pm

1. PB2 Profile Link: -

2. Do you have any alternate accounts (accounts that you own or use, apart from the account you are applying with)? If yes, please state their usernames:

3. How long have you played PB2?:

4. Kills Count:

5. Deaths Count:

6. Are you currently in a clan?:

7a. What clans have you been in before?:

7b. [Optional] Do you have an approximate date about when you joined, and when you left these clans?:

8. Why did you join those clans?:

9a. How did you find the forums?:

9b. Do you personally know anyone in GeNo? If yes, please state them:

10. [Critical] Why do you wish to join GeNo?:

11. [Critical] What can you help to contribute to GeNo?:

12. [Critical] What do you believe defines a good player? What defines a bad player?:

13. Current country/state of residence:

14. How productive will you be on GeNo forums and Discord Chat?:

15. What server do you mostly play in?:

16. Have you been tested? If yes, please state who tested you, and please provide screenshot proof of the combat test:

17. [Very Critical] By applying to GeNo, you will show the utmost respect to your fellow clan members and leaders, as well as to players outside of this clan. This includes being honest about your application and your answers during each phase, and with others concerning your actions. Failure to do so will result in severe consequences, such as dismissal from the clan. If in any case, you wish to leave GeNo, you must sign out a resignation form to confirm your leaving. If you do not fill it in, we have every right to say we kicked you out of the clan. There are codes of conduct that must be followed if you are going to represent our clan. Do you believe you can handle this responsibility?:

18. Are you applying for Member or Unofficial Member?:

19. Extra comments/questions if you have any:


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Voided Re: Izuna #3

Post by Vesper on Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:39 pm


Apply for GeNoRequirements to JoinRules/Tips
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