JDC55 #1 [Voided]

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VoidedJDC55 #1 [Voided]

Postby JDC55 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:24 pm

1. What is your username on discord/forums? JDC55

2. Were you punished on chat or forums? Chat

2b. What exact time and date did this incident occur? Idk but I am pissed bruh.

3. [Critical] Describe your issue. I posted a link of the Nephilim chat. And Carla is on every corner saying that is advertising. How is that even advertising? We just wanted panik to join it. The geno chat is always dead cause of her. She bitches on every corner. She takes advantage of every single thing. She didn't even warn Painn, then she muted him after posting link. Let me go back. All of a sudden Ram and Painn started spamming the chats link for panik to join when he came online. Then I posted it only once, then she decides to mute me after my 1ST WARNING!! 1ST WARNING!!!! I THOUGHT THERE WAS 2 WARNINGS!!!!! BUT SHE BANS ME AFTER 1ST? WTF IS THIS? HOW THIS GIRL GONNA MUTE SOMEBODY WHEN U DIDNT EVEN WARN HIM? YOU WARNED ME BUT DIDNT WARN HIM? WHATS YOUR LOGIC KID? Carla is such an annoying brat. Shes the buzz kill of geno. And thats why geno chat isn't lit. Cause of her.

4. Do you understand that being voted guilty can modify your punishment (if necessary)? Yea man!

5. [Critical] Have any screenshots/evidence involving this wrongful punishment? Man no! Bjut beleive me man shes soooo annoying!!!

6. [Critical] Were there any witnesses? RAM AND PAINN!!!!

6b. Will any witnesses join you during this case? IDK ASK THEM!

7. Did the person that punished you follow proper procedure? NOOO NOT AT ALL CAUSE THE RULE IS FAKE!!!

8. [Very Critical] Do you promise to tell the truth and only the truth during your case? YES I PROMISE!!!

9. [Optional] Extra information/comments

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VoidedRe: JDC55 #1 [Voided]

Postby UηcƖє Rαу on Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:37 pm

You and Ramires both have the same case. We will be moving ramires topic to discuss the issue. [Topic Locked]
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