Understanding the court process

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Understanding the court process

Postby Guest on Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:20 pm

Before creating a court case, you must acknowledge the course each appeal will take, and how they will work. Each step will be explained with the maximum details possible, so read carefully to understand.

To begin with, both the appealing user and the moderator(s) should agree on the time length that the entire process will take. This, should give enough time for both sides to create their arguments, run for witnesses and gather evidence. Once the appeal is made, a Prestige Member who is not involved, will start the case.

Now that the appeal was created, and the appealing user has shown their defense through the Appeal Template, the moderators must show their evidence, call upon witnesses, formally discussing with the user about the action that was taken. During this process, both the user and the moderator must show all their evidence, must put in the table all their arguments, and give the maximum information about the act as possible.

When the length of the case comes to an end, the Jury will show their opinions, point out important topics and give the final word regarding the case. During this phase, the prestige and the council will vote. This phase will take place the votes for innocence, or guiltiness of the appealing user. Note that the punishment may increase from it's originality, if the user is considered guilty.


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