Rules to the Court

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Rules to the Court

Postby UηcƖє Rαу on Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:00 pm

These will be the rules that are to be enforced during the cases to ensure it does not get out of hand. Remember to read all the rules before making/viewing/commenting in a court case.

1) Do not COMMENT during the case unless you are involved or a witness (that the defendant or moderator has brought with him/her). Everyone will have a chance to give their opinion/view after the case.

2) If you are an appealer, then follow the template or else have it denied.

3) Any irrelevant/troll post will be deleted with the possibility of a punishment assessed.

4) Always maintain a calm demeanor, do not under any circumstances, are you to deliberately disrespect/insult anyone.

5) During a case, it is required that all involved commentators maintain a serious tone.

6) Do not try to lie or post fake evidence.

7) The case is allowed to be set frozen for upcoming inactivity for a certain period of time.

8) During the prestige voting, it is expected that none of the members of that particular group will let bias play a role in their verdict.

9) All involved people in this case will come to an agreement for setting a predetermined time length of the case.

10) If your appeal is denied, you must wait 2 weeks before making another one.
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