Appeal Template

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Appeal Template

Postby UηcƖє Rαу on Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:20 pm

This is for anyone who felt has been wrongly punished to try to make a case and appeal it. Remember that your case has to be convincing, this includes having evidence and possibly a witness.

Add a #1 to the end of your username in the forum title if this is your first time making an appeal. If this is your second time making an appeal, add a #2 to the end of your username, and so-forth.

Example: Maxydude0 #1

1. What is your username on discord/forums?

2. Were you punished on chat or forums?

2b. What exact time and date did this incident occur?

3. [color=#ffff00][Critical][/color] Describe your issue.

4. Do you understand that being voted guilty can modify your punishment (if necessary)?

5. [color=#ffff00][Critical][/color] Have any screenshots/evidence involving this wrongful punishment?

6. [color=#ffff00][Critical] [/color]Were there any witnesses?

6b. Will any witnesses join you during this case?

7. Did the person that punished you follow proper procedure?

8. [color=#ff9900][Very Critical][/color] Do you promise to tell the truth and only the truth during your case?

9. [color=#ffff00][Optional][/color] Extra information/comments:
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